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Instrumentation Cables

Dekoron Wire and Cable pioneered the development of instrumentation cables for process industry starting in the 1940’s. These cables monitor process parameters such as pressure, flow speed, temperature and transmit lowVoltage signals to the instrumentation and process control room.

Instrumentation cables come in multiple twisted pair configurations with each pair gathering one set of process data. Our cables are used worldwide in petro-chemical and refining industries. We have a large number of part numbers in stock, but we can also build cables with any of your specific customizations.

High temperature instrumentation cables: although the majority of the process monitoring applications use 105°C or lower rated cables, Dekoron now offers Fluoropolymer insulated cables (FEP and PFA).  Flouropolymer will have continuous operating temperature of 200°C (FEP) and 260°C (PFA). Please contact your customer service representative with your specific needs.

Customizing Options:

  • Conductors – Bare copper, Tin or Nickel plated annealed copper, in solid, 7-strand, or 19-strand configurations from 20 AWG (0.5mm2) to 14 AWG (1.5mm2)
    • Metric sizes and stranding’s are available upon request
  • Insulations –PVC orXLPE,TPE, HDPE or PVC/Nylon, high temperature (upto 260°C rated) fluoropolymer insulation such as FEP or PFA.
  • ER (Exposed Run) Rating is available for many constructions ER rated cable are designed and tested for impact and crush test per UL criteria. With this rating the cables are allowed to run outside of tray or conduit for unlimited distance to the utilization equipment.  Cable must be physically protected and supported every 6 feet.
  • Shielding – Dekoron provides a variety of options in shielding to prevent EMI (electro-magnetic interference) over the twisted pairs and for overall cable.
    • Taped shield – Aluminum or copper/polyester backed tapes for individual and overall shields with drain wires. Drain wires are placed under the shield to facilitate grounding and are in contact with the conductive aluminum or copper side of the shield and allow for easy termination to ground
    • Braided shield – Bare, or tin plated copper braid
  • Armor –
    • Served Wire Armor (SWA), Galvanized Steel.
    • Interlock Galvanized Steel (ILGS) Armor
    • Interlock Aluminum (ILA) Armor
    • Continuously Corrugated Welded Aluminum(Gardex®),ClassIDiv 1 rated.
    • Dekabon® Chemical and Moisture Barrier
    • Stainless Steel over-braid
  • Jacket(Sheath) – PVC, HDPE, CPE, TPN(LSZH)or high temperature compounds
    • We use the term “jacket” for the inner jacket (covering the cable bundle) and the outer jacket (cover the armor). Typically, the same type of material is used for inner and outer jacket.
  • Printed information on the cable –The cables are printed with required temperature and Voltage rating and approvals per applicable regulatory agencies.All cables have sequential footage marking.
  • Packaging and documentation –
    • Reels – Depending on the size of the cable, the products are delivered on wood reels up to 96” in diameter. There is an option to lag wood reels –wood planks are nailed to the outer reel edges to prevent damages to cable while in shipping.The wood reels are heat treated to comply with international phytosanitary requirements. Overseas shipments are crated. We also offer lower weight fiber board reels for air freight shipments.
    • Ends of the cables (“pig tails”) are exposed on the reels for any testing at the receiving location.
    • If requested we will provide certificate of conformance along with shipment.

Approvals and Rating

Dekoron can offer a variety of ratings and standards for instrumentation products. Please discuss the specific rating and approvals with your customer service representative. Depending on the cable design and selection of armor types, the following approvals are available:

  • Design Standards: UL 13 (PLTC and PLTC-ER), UL 2225 (HL), UL 2250 (ITC and ITC-ER), ICEA S-73-532, BS 5308, EN 50288-7, AS/NZS 5000
  • Flame Retardancy Standards: IEEE 1202, UL 1685, VW-1, FT4, IEC 60332
  • Temperature Rating: -50ºC to 105°C, and up to 260°C with fluoropolymers
  • Hazardous Zone Classifications: Class I Division 2 and Class I Division 1, IEC Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen Constructions(IEC 61034 and IEC 60754)
  • Conductors per ASTM B3,B33,B8, and IEC 60228, AS/NZS 1125
  • ROHS

Gardex® is a registered trade mark of Marmon Specialty Cable

Dekabon® is a registered trade mark of Dekoron Wire and Cable

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