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Company History

With more than 70 years' experience in innovation in the wire and cable industry, Dekoron Wire & Cable has a rich history. From humble beginnings, to one of the premier wire and cable manufacturers in the world, Dekoron has continued to push the envelope of possibilities. Many of Dekoron's innovations have become world-wide industry standards, and today are taken for granted. Today, Dekoron continues to pursue new ways to manufacture world-class cables capable of not only meeting, but exceeding, our customers' requirements. With Dekoron, you can be assured that new products, processes, and innovations are just around the corner.

  • 1939Samuel Moore Company starts in Ohio.
  • 1949Dekoron brand is introduced.
  • 1962Dekoron innovates low voltage electrical signaling transmission technology.
  • 1967Dekoron creates Ripstrip Termination for easy jacket stripping.
  • 1968Dekabon® Direct Burial Cable with moisture barrier for chemical and lightning protection is introduced.
  • 1969Dekoron patents Isolated Shields for Electrical Wire, providing EMI protection.
    (US Patent No. 3,474,186)
  • 1970Dekoron introduces Protectopac Instrumentation Cable, a first-gen Circuit Integrity Cable.
  • 1975Dekoron innovates Direct Burial cables.
  • 1978Eaton purchases Samuel Moore Company.
  • 1981Dekoron introduces the first non-black CPE jackets to the industry.
  • 1982Dekoron pioneers the use of Zero-Halogen thermoset jackets.
  • 1983Dekoron introduces non-fluoropolymer Plenum Cables.
  • 1987Furon purchases Samuel Moore Company from Eaton.
  • 1989Dekoron introduces Circuit Integrity Cables with a Fire Resistance rating of 750°C.
  • 1992Dekoron pioneers the use of Fieldbus technology and expands the available cable range.
  • 1995Dekoron introduces Circuit Integrity Cables meeting IEC and BS standards.
  • 1998Dekoron innovates the use of XLPE for PLTC and ITC cables.
  • 1999Marmon Group purchases Dekoron.
  • 2005Dekoron Wire & Cable, Inc is founded.
  • 2008Berkshire-Hathaway acquires the Marmon Group.
  • 2008Dekoron launches its Gardex® aluminum armored line of products.
  • 2010Dekoron Wire & Cable pioneers the creation of ITC-ER and PLTC-ER fieldbus cables.
  • 2011Dekoron Wire & Cable LLC is formed.
  • 2014Dekoron joins RSCC as part of the Marmon Specialty Wire Group.
  • 2015Dekoron introduces DekaFlex® product line.