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A Marmon Wire and Cable / Berkshire Hathaway Company

Contact Us

Contact Us

For additional information about any of the products in the Dekoron product line, please call your local representative or contact the customer service department. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with Dekoron innovation, quality, and world class service.

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Customer Service
(903) 572-0657
Customer Service Fax
(903) 572-6153
Corporate Office
(903) 572-3475
Mailing Address
Dekoron Wire & Cable, LLC
1300 Industrial Rd.
Mt. Pleasant, TX  75455

Regional Sales Contacts:

East Coast & Midwest Regions (PADD 1 & PADD 2)
Jeff Winterstein
(Based in Cape Coral, FL)
Gulf Coast Region (PADD 3)
Russell Islam
(Based in Houston, TX)
(903) 563-6927