Dekoron Wires and Cables LLC

Market Segments

Power Generation Segment

Specialized Power Gen Control Cables
Dekoron has developed cable products that meet the stringent requirements of the power generation industry, specifically for gas turbines. These cables are typically used to sense operating parameters of gas turbines and come in multi-conductor configurations. Cables can be designed to meet specific temperature ratings and operating conditions for your application. These cables come with a variety of industry and regulatory compliances and approvals. Please contact Dekoron to discuss your specific needs.

ATEX ("Atmosphères Explosives" – French for "Explosive Atmospheres") Approved Cables
Dekoron has developed cables that meet the requirements of IEC 60079-14 for gas blocking properties. These cables are meant for use in equipment that needs ATEX certification. Our cables will meet gas leak test requirements under varying conditions and as needed by the equipment manufacturers.