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1770 - 300 Volt, HDPE, Multi Pair, Overall Shield, Unarmored


  • ConductorSolid thermocouple alloy, solid or 7-strand copper
  • Primary insulationHDPE or silicone alloy
  • Color codeANSI standard (thermocouple); Black and white pairs (instrument)
  • Overall shield100% coverage, an aluminum-polyester tape shield and a 7-strand tinned copper drain wire
  • Outer jacketLDPE, HDPE or TPN


  • Designed to help minimize injury and damage to personnel and sensitive equipment
  • Silicone alloy insulated, TPN jacketed cables, UL listed
  • Suitable for Class I, Division 2 and Class II, Division 2 hazardous areas

Bending Radius

  • 6 x d (d = overall diameter)

Cable Type

  • Multiple pair overall shielded instrument

Other Options

  • Manufactured in accordance with UL (as noted). Also available to ICEA, IEC, BS standards or customized configurations.
  • Various metric and AWG size conductors
  • Special color coding of insulation and jacket materials
  • Cable can be constructed to 300 or 600 volt rating

The specifications listed above are subject to change without notice. In any change, the product's performance will remain the same, or be improved.